Anybody ask about Lefty from Mulberry Street? I’m known.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria is a nice little hole-in-the wall spot that actually has now expanded to four ‘holes’ – Beverly Hills (2), Encino, and the newest in Sherman Oaks. As I generally don’t enjoy writing about chain restaurants, this pizzeria that was started by a famous actress (“Cathy Moriarty of Raging Bull fame,” pronounces the website) is possibly the most tolerable ‘New York Style’ pizza in the greater Los Angeles area.  Large, thin slices – all prepared on the spot, in-house, made to order – are the greatest flavored pies in town, but lack the overall consistency that the New York water (myth?) provides the pizza.

Through these four locations each maintain the high-quality standard established by Cathy Moriarty, my personal favorite is the Encino location, one mile off the freeway on Ventura Boulevard in the quirkily endearing San Fernando Valley. Personally run by Moriarty for years, the B+-list celebs that frequented the place added a very New Yorkian charm by signing autographs on the walls. Check out this eerie one by the late/great Phil Hartman:

who joins notables such as Ice Cube, Jay Leno and Farrah Fawcet, amongst countless of other C- and D- celebs. Very unassuming, very small, and cash-centric, the pies are made with love, affection, and great ingredients so pull up a checkered tablecloth, grab your red peppers & parmesan and dig in. They even have a couple of street seats to people-watch (car watch, mostly, to be honest), so sit on the Boulevard, eat your pie and enjoy the scene. This is worth a decent drive, but fortunately its right Off the Freeway.


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  1. This pizza is too thin for me, but it’s the closest thing we have to NYC so I indulge.

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