Lights On at The Edison

The Edision
108 W 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Just off the freeway in Downtown Los Angeles, The Edison is an urbane, sophisticated venue reminiscent of an extravagant speakeasy. Fortunate enough to visit the venue with designstILes, I was given the ‘stamp of approval,’ as the $14-dollar drinks definitely needed to be justified somehow. The decor is a modern updated on historic Angeleno, creating a mood and feel unique in this bustling metropolis. That said, there is no other spot that so encapsulates all that is good about L.A. – the crowd is diverse (and older), the music is mood-oriented (mostly KCRW-caliber downtempo/dub with tasteful dance) and though the drinks are flabbergastingly expensive, they’re poured stiff and precise.

Getting in can be a hassle, as the side alley entrance actually attracts more of a crowd in this straight-forward city, but once inside you’re transported to the Depression/Post-Depression era, spiraling down a long staircase to reach the main floor, where the incorporation of some of the original machine pieces are utilized; these are from when this Southern California Edison building was the FIRST private power plant in la ciudad..

This bar, the color scheme, the stairs, the era-transportation:

The glitz and glamour is evident, but in such an elegant fashion:

In short, the PERFECT place to party.

Thank you to yallkiltit for the contribution.

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