Carmela Ice Cream

I’m being completely honest when I say I do not have a sweet tooth. No, really. Really. That’s not to say I pass up the occasional dessert, but rarely does my tooth have a hankering to be satiated with sweets. So why drive twenty-something miles out of my way to try Carmela Ice Cream at their newly opened creamery in Pasadena? Because when I found out one of their signature flavors is salted caramel, and coming from a girl who adds salt to her fruit, I knew this trip would be worth the drive. And so it was. A perfect combination of salty and sweet is what could make me a dessertest. What makes Carmela Ice Cream stand out is their use of all-natural and local ingredients, and now they have me wanting to make the drive to try their spiced strawberry and cucumber sorbet, and fill up on more salted caramel.

If you can’t make the drive out to Pasadena, try visiting them at the farmers’ market or in specialty food shops. Your taste buds will thank you.

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