Freeways Lead to the Valley

Kudos to the Daily News for continuing their San Fernando Retrospective with a beautiful, dense print edition special section in yesterday’s paper. The online version is here.

Though the photographs are sparse, they offer a rare glimpse into the bucolic history of the Valley – and I use that term ‘history’ in the loosest sense, as the modern “white man” (and thus recorded) history only spans about 80+ years.  Take a look at some of the gems:
downtown Burbank in 1910
Burbank Airport, 1930
snow-covered Tujunga (Foothill Blvd. & Commerce), 1949
Ventura Blvd. (looking west from Studio City) in 1950
Aerial view of San Fernando Valley State (Cal-St. Northridge), 1961
Jimi Hendrix at Devonshire Downs, 1969

The chronologically-arranged special section is also filled with miscellaneous tidbits such as:
Jan. 21, 1874: The first train pulls into San Fernando, which has 1,305 residents. Agents meet the trains, offering free barbecue lunches and tours of acreage for sale. Town lots sell for $50 to $100, farm lots for $5 to $40 an acre.

Feb. 4, 1937: A troupe of traveling Gypsies is blamed for a rash of pickpocketing crimes.

Feb. 2, 1971: Racial minorities make up more than half of all LAUSD students, with Spanish-surnamed children composing nearly 22 percent, a report says.

March 26, 1999: Former Monroe High School student Kevin Mitnick pleads guilty to five wire fraud and computer fraud. His computer hacking exploits fueled Web sites and books and earned him a place on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

July 22, 2006: Woodland Hills shatters weather records with a high of 119 degrees.


In short, awesome awesome awesome reading – take the time and check it out, decade by decade.



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2 responses to “Freeways Lead to the Valley

  1. really nice section, i was glad i was able to catch it

  2. omg i cant believe this , some of these were so funny
    really nice to point out
    i love l.a.!!!!

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