Kinda Blue at Blue Plate

Blue Plate
1415 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403-1711

Not to be confused with the original, Blue Plate Oysterette, this promising spinoff has a distinct feel, far-flung from it’s seafood faring cousin.  At Blue Plate Montana, you feel that you’ve somehow transported up the coast to a San Franciscan restaurant, typified by the limited seating (capacity: 25, maybe?), sky-high ceilings, clean/sleek lines and fresh ingredients and friendly/intelligent servers.

That said, that is where the similarities end. The food was average, and stepping outside put us right back out on Montana, smack dab in Santa Monica. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the food, but I’ll be honest – our entire party of four (experienced, intelligent) Angelenos was rather overwhelmed from the second the menu was placed in front of us.

Should we order breakfast? That was one entire side of the menu. Or should we order sandwiches? That seems to be a specialty, especially “The Wich Wich,” which is apparently a daily special fit for a witch. How about soups, salads, wraps? Again, an entire menu side. And we STILL haven’t begun to digest the daily specials, printed niftily on a chalkboard near the entrance.

Regardless, we settled on our orders; a protein shake (blah), a turkey pastrami sandwich (boring, definitely more turkey than pastrami) and a turkey burger (solid, not special).  In short, more atmosphere than content, though the prices were reasonable*.

In short, I wouldn’t travel more than TWO miles offthefreeway for Blue Plate.

*for Montana Ave

image courtesy of CitySearch

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