Banksy ‘Elephant’ Still On PCH – But For How Long?

A recent visit down to the PCH in Santa Monica revealed that one of the latest works by the elusive street artist Banksy remains untouched. The piece, an abandoned drum of some kind stenciled with the words “This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant” and green crayon-ish touches, is on the east side of PCH just across from the parking lot of Will Rogers State Beach.

With Banksy works all over town being defaced or taken down almost as quickly as they go up, who knows how long this one will be around in its original condition. And now that the rain (and snow?!) are about to kick in it’s probably not worth risking mudslides/avalanches in order to get down there this weekend to see it for yourself. So enjoy these pictures instead.

The notoriously secretive artist is apparently in town for the Oscars. His enigmatic, excellent film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, is up for best documentary feature. Given his reputation for privacy, it’s highly doubtful that Banksy will reveal his identity in front of millions of viewers should the film win the Oscar – but his recent burst of activity suggests he may have something else cooking.

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