Vallarta, Vying for Viability.

13051 Victory Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91606

Okay, confession time – as an avid, non-discriminatory food connoisseur, I am an addict of all things delicious. Well, that’s not the confession per se. What IS a confession is that the largest bounty of delicious in the greater Los Angeles region may well be at Vallarta Supermarkets.  At ANY of their 20 locales, in fact.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look:

A theme park?  Nope – that beaming color wheel of fresh produce is just a sliver of their wonderful selection, which also includes Carne, Cremeria, Produce, Botanas, Taqueria, Liquor, Beer, Tortilleria, Bakery, Pasteleria, Catering, Food to go and Juice Bar (And just in case that’s not enough, the also have Van Service, Customer Service, Banking, Lottery & Check Cashing).

Here’s a shot I was able to sneak of the carne/meat section before my wife, embarrassed that I was ‘The Gringo taking pictures’ almost bailed on me:

Like I’m saying, this is only about a quarter of the meat counter. The have everything from lengua to carne de res to pollo asada to cow’s hooves to tripe to chincharron to softshell crab to tilapia to fresh salmon. Dudes are so serious about their meat that the butchers wear hardhats. I’m serious – check the guy behind the counter in the red helmet.

One of the best things about Vallarta is that they also feature restaurant-type food, like some serious carneceria/taqueria type stuff. Here are the street tacos we ordered:

That’s asada on the left, carnitas on the right. Totally succulent, delicious, and even more important – the most robust condiment bar we’ve seen; cilantro, onion, jalapeno, lemon grilled onion and four types of salsa, all gratis.

In short, GO. It’s a modern American experience right here in your backyard.

Locations in Los Angeles County include:


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2 responses to “Vallarta, Vying for Viability.

    the hard hats are my favorite thing EVAR

  2. Gorgeous! They have everything. This would be a joy to visit on Sunday mornings for me. You’ll see me there soon.

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