Crystal Castles Blows up the Fox

Dateline: March 3, 2011
Venue: Fox Theatre, Pomona, CA
Event: WWIII

Okay, Angelenos, you can probably guess that this wasn’t dubya dubya three, and in fact wasn’t a battle at all. It was Crystal Castles, exploding through East East East Los Angeles at the underrated Fox Theatre in Pomona.

Stunning sound, great acoustics and a surprisingly awesome opening act, Suuns, set the stage for a supreme soundblast by Alice & Ethan of Toronto aka Crystal Castles. Blazing frenetically through about 15 tracks in their 1:10 set, the duo had the sold-out crowd energized for the duration.

Accompanied by a fantasmic (and borderline epilepsy-inducing) lightshow, Alice provided her melodically shrill vocals over the spaced-out, video game-centric beats provided by Ethan. Alice DID have a broken ankle and performed with crutches and/or a cane, but that only served to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the program.

The show, the venue and the copious parking (this must be REALLY far outside of L.A.) made for a very explosive evening.  And that’s NOT even counting the light parade/

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