Solution for the Lent Food Blues

210 East Grand Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245-3827

So I was literally – yes, literally – dragged out of the office today for the dreaded ‘off-site’ meeting with colleagues who may or may not be friends, but feel like acting like such during work hours. Fine. I DO like these people, at least from 8am – 5pm, so why not. At least we can get away from our phones, computers, desks and Facebook.

But where to eat?  Fish, you say?

Yes, I love seafood, but I’m not into having some mahi mahi tacos at Baja Fresh and considering that a meal del mar.

Well how about a place that has decor like this:

Seems moderate – I’m not sure about the ‘cabin’ feel, but hey – the swordfish on the wall can’t be misleading, can it?  And is that a full sauce/salsa bar I see back there?  It is – everything from classic tabasco to tartar sauce to ranch (!) to my favorite, Valentina. And of course malt vinegar – you can’t serve a good fish n’ chips without that elixir.

Well let’s order, shall we?  While salivating over their VERY expansive and fresh menu, my coworkers went for the safe fish tacos – some blackened ahi, some baja shrimp, some crispy cod. All delicious and all, but I need to judge a fish place by it’s pure, natural pescado. I opted for the wild-caught Ahi (okay, sue me PETA), lightly seared and served with sauteed spinach (it took all of my willpower not to order their goldencrisp, beautifully salted fries) and ginger, with a side of soy ginger sauce with garlic chunks:

In the time it took to receive our food – a good 15 minutes, without a crowd, which incidentally is a hallmark of freshness and good preparation, eg if you want fast food go get a Filet O’ Fish – we were provided all you can eat peanuts, just to whet our appetites. And once it arrived, all I can say is. . .NOM NOM NOM. Absolutely gorgeous, delicious and teeming with freshness.

And to think – I didn’t want to go off-site? I guess I could get used to these monthly meetings. . .did somebody say weekly?  YUM.

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One response to “Solution for the Lent Food Blues

  1. la meat marker

    Oh my god I JUST went there. Suuuuuuch good tacos!!!

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