Portuguese in the Valley? Uh Huh. Natas.

13317 Ventura Boulevard
CA 91423-6212

I’ve passed this (literal) hole-in-the-wall Bakery countless times without giving it second thought; buried in the back corner bottom floor of one of those countless mini-malls lining Ventura Blvd., Nata’s Pastries seemed very esoteric – I mean, do I really need pastries?

Okay, the answer is YES, but I’m not going to go out of my way, hassle with parking, deal with a mini-mall, just to get some run of the mill stuff. So for five years, I looked at the place quizzically like I guess it’s good, I mean it’s still in business.  Flash forward to the car wash across the street, who one day featured free samples of some of the pastries. Delicious, and I made a mental note to check the place out one day.

A year later, I made good on that note – finally stopping in because my wife wanted ‘some cake,’ we parked in one of the eight (!) parking spaces, expecting a bakery. And being that the spot was Portuguese, it fell in line with our love of new experience, namely with ethnic foods.

Once we went in, we were surprised at the joy and wonders a 300-square foot retail location could offer:


selection from the bakery, supplied by LAIst


interior sit-down,  courtesy of my daily find

In short the good were wonderfully diverse, featuring dozens of selections from their Bakery. We had to try the Portuguese classic Nata, which was cooked to perfection with a crisp, light outside with a soft, perfectly-textured interior.


The Classic Nata

Not wanting to limit ourselves, especially when experiencing the authentically tiled & accoutred environ – I swear to you, I thought we were in Europe – we tried a few of the hot foods, though unfortunately  no entrees (yet), so the spinach puff pastry and crab/shrimp rissois fit our need. . .and boy were they delcious. Again, cooked to perfection. Meals this delicate and sensitive can easily be over- and under-cooked, but these were ideal.  Take a look:


Spinach Feta Puff Roll

We will most certainly be back, and this time we’ll really dive in. In sort, though, GO now. Beautiful place, great employees and delicious food.

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