Coocoo for Cacao Mexicatessen.

Cacao Mexicatessen
1576 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Just go.

Get in your car, head to the Colorado exit in Eagle Rock and go directly to Cacao Mexicatessen.  NOW.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner – the selection is unparalleled for any Mexican establishment this side of Huanusco, Zacatecas, and the quality is insane. The taste is ridiculously amazing. Don’t believe otf? Check out Jon Gold’s outstanding, drool-inducing review. In fact, check out the El Taquero Maya plate, featuring Duck Confit (duck carnitas, if you will), Wild Boar, Turkey and Duck SKIN tacos, all made in accordance with the legitimate Mexican preparation methodology (and handmade tortillas).

Not sold? How about the Mexican Corn on the Cob, replete with mayonaisa, parmesan, hot sauce & lime?

And how about this picture from inside the pasilla en la casita de me abuelitas? (okay fine, this is actually the adjoining flower shop, also family owned by the good folks from Cacao) Que autentico!

Seriously, though – I have NEVER seen a menu like this. In addition to the previous quadrant of mind-blowing Mexican dishes, we tried the Tacos Don Marcos (habanero/serrano carne asada), which STILL has my mouth on fire delciously, as well as my personal favorite – Corn Truffle, aka Corn SMUT, aka Huitlacoche, which wasn’t even legal in the United States until last decade despite it’s status as a culinary rockstar in upper-class Mexico. Also of note: the ceboillitas are incredibly flavorful, but despite the ‘ita’ this is NOT a small platter. These olive oil/lime marinated green onions tasted so savory, so delicious that we did end up finishing the dozen or so LARGE seboillas on the plate.

corn smut taco

The only drawbacks?
1) Too far from where I live.
2) There are SO many good things that I didn’t even get to half of my personal tasting menu – in addition to the unique items above, I’d like to try their Hibiscus Flower taco, their nopales (cactus), the squash blossom taco, as well as the Mole Fries (yes, MOLE fries).
3) We haven’t even discussed breakfast yet. Blue Corn pancakes, anyone?

In short, this was honestly my favorite dining experience of 2011. I WILL be going to back to Cacao, and soon. This time, for desayuno.


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4 responses to “Coocoo for Cacao Mexicatessen.

  1. Blimeylimey

    Wow, that corn on the cob looks tasty! I gotta try it when im back home.

  2. SilverLakeGuy


  3. so good. this place is awesome, no doubt. try the pancakes next time.

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